Below are the steps one has to categories in order to design, build and deploy a web application.

Defining the problem is critical, it provides direction. Your solution is born from your problems.

Once you know your solution, map out the workflow of how it will work. What needs to happen within your web application for it to solve the problem?

Transform your workflow into a wireframe. Your wireframe is simply a tool for communicating your solution to your target user. …

1. Putting business logic in Reusable components

Most components should be as dump as possible. If you couple your business logic with UI, every time you change these UI elements, you have a risk of potential changes in business logic.

2. Using Redux to manage all the states.

Only the core logic should be managed by Redux. Most components can be managed by React hooks so that they are simple, independent, and reusable.

3. Not performing cleanup after useEffect hook.

Your code may work most of the time, but it will create performance issues later as the complexity of your…

Glass UI is a web page that is having a transparent background which is becoming quite popular with UI/UX designs and as well as with the customers.

Creating a glass website is quite easy and anyone can implement them for their client’s website, blogs, websites and so on.

If you are an absolute beginner with fairly a novice knowledge in HTML and CSS, the hack for you is to simply know about one CSS property and how to use it.

this property applies the colour given in the rgba from right to bottom with an alpha value.

Below is the sample glass UI page I have made using the HTML and CSS properties.

It's quite difficult for developers who work in an Angular project. This is because the syntaxes are getting changed for every release of an angular project that is happening in a span of 6 months. So, it is essential for developers to keep an eye on Angular guide and update their knowledge on the newer version and of course the syntaxes.

Today we are gonna see how the values are picked up from a dropdown in Angular Forms.


Make sure to import FormsModule in the imports section.

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
imports: […

When I tried to update my knowledge on javascript, I have gone through a wonderful thing in javascript.

Have you ever had the problem of accessing nested object property, something like this?

Doing this way is tedious in case of complex data structures. To get rid of this, javascript is introducing a new concept call optional chaining and works as follows.

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I'm an always optimistic, open minded and knowledge seeking fullstack developer passionate about UI/UX and changing things for the better :)

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